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Grafik Amerika Kunsthandlung Johannes Müller

Antillen - Antigua
Vue de l Establissement des missions a St Johns dans l Isle d Antigoa aux Indes occidentales. Aquatintaradierung von F. Hegri nach L. Stobwasser, Basel um 1835, 19 x 27,5 cm
Ränder etw. braunfleckig. 2 kl. Randeinrisse. # This engraving, taken from a drawing by Stobwasser, depicts the buildings of the Bruder-Gemeinde Missionaries (Brother Community) in St John s, Antigua. The proceeds from the sale of the engraving went towards their missionary work being carried out on the island.- Margins slightly brownish. 2 small marginal tears.
(Tanz, Mission, Karibik, Caribbean, Antillen, West Indies.)
Bestellnummer:S15742 EUR 180,00 / Bestellen

Antillen - Dominica
Danse des Negres dans líIsle de St. Dominique. A Negroes Dance in the island of St. Dominica, is humbley dedicated to... Cahrles OíHara, Brigadier General of His Majesty`s Army in America.... Farbaquatinta von Louis Charles Ruotte nach Agostino Brunias. Paris, Depeuille um 1780, 23 x 33 cm (29 x 36 Blattgr.)
# Aquatinta in color from Louis Charles Ruotte after Agostino Brunias.- A couple dance together under a lush tree with large fruit hanging from its branches. They are accompanied by two men playing instruments, a drum and tambourine as one woman claps along to the music. Others, including a small girl, stand and converse.- Agostino Brunias (c. 1730 - April 2, 1796) was a London-based Italian painter from Rome. Strongly associated with West Indian art, he left England at the height of his career to chronicle Dominica and the neighboring islands of the West Indies. Painted in the tradition of verite ethnographique, his art was as escapist as it was romantic.- Margins partly lightly rubbed.
(Tanz, Dance, Karibik, Caribbean, Antillen, West Indies.)
Bestellnummer:S14178 EUR 1100,00 / Bestellen

Kanada - Quebec
Der Fall des Montmorency in Unter-Canada. Stahlstich v. P. Wurster. Stuttgart 1856, 12,5 x 18,5 cm
(Canada, Chute Montmorency, Montmorency-Fall)
Bestellnummer:S13406 EUR 35,00 / Bestellen

Kanada - Quebec
Kupferstich aus Henry Popple "A Map of the British Empire in America". Gestochen von Willm. Henry Toms & R.W. Seale. London 1733, 13 x 26,5 cm
Linker und rechter Rand mit unbedeutenden Knitterspuren. # Panoramic view of Quebec City; notable buildings are described in the view.-
Bestellnummer:S15534 EUR 300,00 / Bestellen

Mexico. Kupferstich aus Henry Popple "A Map of the British Empire in America". Gestochen von Willm. Henry Toms & R.W. Seale. London 1733, 12 x 27 cm
Rechter Rand mit Knitterspuren u. Randeinriß (bis Bildrand) # Panoramic view of Mexico City; notable buildings are described in the view.- Right margin with tearing (to the picture edge).
Bestellnummer:S15537 EUR 160,00 / Bestellen

USA - Boston
Die Faneuiel-Markthalle in Boston. Lithographie aus "Archiv für Natur, Kunst, Wissenschaft und Leben". Braunschweig 1852, 16 x 22,5 cm
(Neuengland, Massachusetts)
Bestellnummer:S13480 EUR 55,00 / Bestellen

USA - New York
Kupferstich aus Henry Popple "A Map of the British Empire in America". Gestochen von Willm. Henry Toms & R.W. Seale. London 1733, 12 x 26,5 cm
Rechter obere Ecke mit Knickspuren. # Panoramic view of New York City; notable buildings are described in the view.- Right upper corner with creases.
Bestellnummer:S15535 EUR 240,00 / Bestellen

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